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London Dormitory Rooms Student and Tourist Accommodations in Summer, 2008

London hotels can be budget-busters for backpacking students, visitors from third-world countries, or victims of the declining U.S. dollar. Youth hostels are an alternative, but many tourists have found an even better option: residence halls at London's universities, where rooms are available at rockbottom rates during the summer vacation period (normally mid- to late June until mid- or late September).

For instance, University College London has rooms from £26.30 (single) to £52.50 (twin), with discounts for alumni. Two dorms are available in 2008, and rates include either breakfast or kitchen privileges. For information, visit UCL's Residential Services page.

The London School of Economics has singles from £32, twins from £50, and triples from £64, with some rooms available during Easter and winter breaks as well as summer. For details, go to LSE Vacations and view pages for LSE's eight residence halls.

Finally, King's College London offers single rooms,with rates depending on type of accommodation and whether an English breakfast is included. Guests over 60 and students or interns under 26 can request discounts. Some rates include cooked or continental breakfast. See the college's Summer Accommodation page for details.

Things to know before booking at a residence hall:

  • Dorms don't offer double beds, and most don't have private bathrooms, so they may not be the ideal choice for a honeymoon or dirty weekend.

  • Breakfast and other meals are available at some dorms, and others have kitchen facilities. If you're on a really tight budget, access to a kitchen--even if you only use the refrigerator--can leave you with more money for the occasional splurge. (Warning: In some cases, you'll need to supply your own crockery and utensils, so read the descriptions carefully.)

  • Each university has its own vacation dates, and availability of rooms may vary among a school's residence halls. If the first dorm on your list doesn't have a room when you want it, be sure to try the other residence halls and schools before giving up.

  • Some residence halls offer special rates and services for groups; these are described on the university Web sites.


  • The rates in this article are for 2008.

  • London Metropolitan University, which was featured in earlier versions of this article, no longer rents dormitory rooms to tourists.

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Some places which you have to visit:

The picture of London bridges : called "Westminster bridge", it leads to the Palace of Westminster and its Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben(one of the world wonderful place).

The beautiful bridge in London : castlelike bridge called "Tower bridge" locate near Tower of London. Left picture is a cannon points in the direction of Tower Bridge.

The nighttime picture of the Tower bridge : Tower bridge's reflection is visible in the River Thames.